Survival Tips – Dallas Icemageddon 2013

A big storm is moving into the mid-west right now with promises of heavy snow or heavy ice depending on where you are.

Nature N3rd is based in Dallas, therefore, this will focus on preparation in the Dallas area, but many of the same techniques should be used in any place where you have weather that is beyond the norm.

For any place experiencing a stormageddon, it’s important to remember that your municipality builds it’s infrastructure for normal weather in your area. When you get something out of the ordinary many public works will fail.

Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All

Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All

For a winter storm event that means you can have bad roads, water main breaks, and power outages.

Here’s what you should do in preparation for a winter storm event:

  • Check your local weather. Accuweather is my personal favorite.
  • Have a battery powered radio on standby. Even better to have a weather radio on standby.
  • Make sure to let your outside spigots drip. You don’t want to be the only person on the block with busted pipes.
  • Fill one of your bathtubs with water. You may need something to flush the toilet with if the water mains break. Just remember to ration that water.
  • Keep some candles handy.
  • Get your flashlights out and ready to go.
  • Check all the batteries in all battery powered devices (radios, flashlights, etc)
  • If you have a fireplace, get some firewood. If the lights go out, you’ll need heat and light.
  • If the power/heat goes out, try to huddle into one room. It’s easier to keep a small space warm. This is also a good time to use the candles.
  • Get plenty of blankets on standby.
  • Anything made from wool is your best friend in the cold.
  • Canned food can usually be eaten hot or cold. Make sure you have about 3 days worth. Just, don’t go all Doomsday Preppers at the store. You don’t need 4 cases of ravioli.
  • Same goes for drinking water. Have about 3 days worth (3 liters per person per day, minimum).
  • If the phone lines are busy, try using a SMS text message to communicate. Text messages are persistent and have a better change of getting out when the phone lines are busy.
  • If the roads are bad, do not drive on them. Dallas roads get exceptionally bad in the ice. No point in risking your life or anyone else’s.
  • Bring any outdoor pets inside. If I have to tell you why, then you probably shouldn’t have a pet.

But most of all, use some common sense.

Be Smart and Be Safe

Nature N3rd

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3 thoughts on “Survival Tips – Dallas Icemageddon 2013

  1. With a bit of luck, you can get cashmere sweaters at the thrift store for under $10 each. These are goat wool, they’re much warmer than sheep wool. The low price means you shouldn’t care too much about damaging them with constant wear. Down jackets are even better.

    Backpackers use portable, light-weight stoves (like a jet boil) to cook dehydrated foods by adding boiling water. The stuff isn’t especially tasty, but when the power goes out it’s nice to have variety, and warm food becomes a luxury. Plus, heat radiating from your belly is a great way to warm you up. On that note, coffee or hot chocolate are good things when you’re huddling together to stay warm.

    Candles are excellent because (unlike flash lights) you can see how much light you have left. But spare batteries for the flashlight are good, too.

    • Thanks Forrest. Those are all good tips.

      I have a JetBoil and several packs of dehydrated Mountain House food packs…also 2 cases of MREs.

      But I’m a professional. :)

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